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3 Reasons You Should Have Solar Water Fountain: A Little Water Changes Everything

3 Reasons You Should Have Solar Water Fountain: A Little Water Changes Everything

Don’t you just love the sound of water it’s so relaxing.  Today we’re going to talk about adding water to your garden, deck/patio or even inside your home.  How the heck are you going to do this you ask?

Adding water to your garden or patio space is extremely easy and is not expensive at all.  Solar pumps are a great way to add water to anywhere in your garden, patio, or deck area adding a relaxing tone to any space.

If you haven’t had a chance to see it, I have a video of me unboxing solar water pumps I’ll leave the link for that right here.  so, let’s get on with it,

A couple of years ago I purchased some solar pumps for my garden and my deck. It’s been over two years now and they’re still going strong.

All I did to accomplished this was a large flowerpot with no holes in. I simply added some rocks that I gather from the yard {for free I might add} and of course the solar pump.

Today we’re going to talk about adding solar pumps to your garden and how that can be beneficial to your plants and wildlife.

Reasons why you should get a solar panel fountain pump.

Reason #1

Everybody needs water including wildlife, which is beneficial to your garden. How?  we’ll let me give you one example, most of the plants that you have in your garden need pollination and pollinators are usually bees’ other insects and even sometimes birds believe it or not. Water brings these pollinators to your garden and helps ensure that your plants become pollinated, in exchange for a free drink, and who doesn’t want a free drink.

Reason #2 

Solar water pumps are beneficial for your garden is again attracting wildlife a lot of times you’ll get birds to visit your water fountain they tend to hang out and pick small bugs and insects that can be harmful to your plants is like having a natural insecticide and all you have to pay is water.

Reason #3 

Solar water pumps are beneficial to your garden because they just plain look great work great and they fun to make and there are all types of things you can do with them. you can make above a ground birdbath or below-ground pond and if you really want to add a special touch, you could even add fish in a large pot with a plant that created an ecosystem within your garden.

Next time we’ll talk about and these water features to porches or decks to attracting hummingbirds or other types of animals or just have something really nice to listen and watch anyway will get into that later.

 I hope this article gave you some great ideas about how to incorporate solar pumps in your garden and how this can be beneficial to your plants.

Alright now you guys have everything you need to get started click the links above to get your solar pumps and try this out for yourself.

 I would love to hear your comments and even share pictures. go on over to our Facebook group and you can post questions, pictures and comments over there too. 

Until next time keep Ruling.

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