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Lemon Cumber’s Our Neighbors Garden Gift

Lemon Cumber’s Our Neighbors Garden Gift

Living here in what we call the Oaks “because all the oak trees” I’m guess on that one, anyway, we are a pretty tight knit community around here and many of us have small gardens and large gardens.

 Just the other day when I was out preparing flower boxes for their new editions my neighbor rolled by asked me to drop by and give you some wonderful lemon cucumbers.

 “I love them, and I would love for you to enjoy them in your garden as well” Heck yeah! awesome I said a little while later he came by with these two lovely, cute little cucumbers plants.

 I’ve have never grown lemon cucumber so this is going to be really great experience for me and luckily, he lives right up the street so if I have any questions about the lemon cucumber, I can definitely ask him.

 This is not the first time people have dropped by and offered plants for my garden my neighbors have brought me tomatoes, sweet potatoes, peppers, and zucchini.

What’s Next

I was so excited first thing I did was ran upstairs and popped open my planner to figure out where was the best place to put them in the garden with other plants that they will do well with. 

The next thing I did was did a lot of research on lemon cucumber plants and how they grow and what they need I didn’t need to look up the zone already know that they were well here due to my neighbor giving me some of his points but if you don’t know I recommended looking up your zone and what grows best in yourself before you start planting in

Now that I know how the living plants grow, I have a couple of tips on the best place to planted in companion plants to plant with I’m going to go out people best place in the garden get these trellises if needed set them up and get them ready to be placed in the garden.

The best thing about all of this is you guys do not follow with the grow harvest in the cooking in eating of these delicious, delectable women cucumbers I can’t wait. 

So, this is what I got so.

What I have learn about Lemon Cucumber

Plant lemon cucumber in rows or hills after the soil has warmed to 55 Usually mid- to late-May in most climates.

 Allow 36 to 60 inches (91-152 cm ) between each plant; lemon cucumbers may be the size of tennis balls, but they still need plenty of room to spread out.

Planting with a little compost will give them a good head start. 

This little plant-like to the vine so I’m going to make some trellis for them to climb on keep them off the ground. Ans leaves me with more space to work with.

So that where I am so far. I will give you all updates as they grow! SO excited!

Now if you have grown these tasty treats before I would love to hear how it went or any tips please chime in!

Until next time Keep ruling!

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