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Tiny Homestead Starting From Scratch

Tiny Homestead Starting From Scratch

Welcome Back everyone! Well, it has been a long year. And a lot of things have changed. A lot has happened, everything from losing our big Oak tree to crazy snowstorms not to mention the pandemic (GEEZ) 

Did I mention the ongoing war with deer ravishing my garden over last summer?  It had gotten so bad that I didn’t even think I was going to have a garden this year.

 So, what changed my mind?  To be honest really it was my neighbors. so many of them came by and I asked if I was, OK? and if I was going to even start a garden this year 

That really blow my mind LOL, I started to really bad I have huge planter boxes out front with nothing in Them, I had gotten discouraged about the deer coming over and eating everything, but you know after thinking about it I was determined to get my garden start even in the late weeks of May.

You can still plant things you know and we’re going to talk about that soon but for now let’s get to starting from scratch Are you ready? Let’s get to it!

Before you start

So, the best way to get stared is to have a plan without a plan you’re planning to fail. let me just tell you that right now.

So, this year I ‘m going to plan everything I put together along book so I could log my seeds, plants, growth even where 

I was going to put my plants in how everyone would work together in planter boxes in and outside of the planter boxes. also, my plan to build a fence to protect my garden.  again, without a plan you’re planning to fail, so I’m starting off with planning what am I going to put in my garden or my tiny homestead.

Step 1

The Plan

 For most of us, this will be deciding what are we going to plant, how big on the plants and where we want them are some of the most important questions you want to ask yourself before you even get started to make things easier, I put together a start pack for beginners weather you want to start a garden or a large homestead.

Step 2

Your Grow zone

 Knowing your grow zone or Hardness zone and what you can grow is really critic the climate means everything.

 If you don’t know what grows in your zone I’ll leave a link right here so you can find out based on your zip code 

This is really important to know what you can and cannot grow. It’s better for you to start off with things you can grow really well in your zone for more success instead of guess and having plants that just don’t grow well. 

 You May find yourself wanting to give up we don’t want that right?

Step 3 

Getting started 

Getting started for a lot of people is the hardest part when you want to do something, that you’ve never done before or something that seems hard.

 My biggest gift to you here and any challenge is start off, with small goals and work your way up that way. You will have more success without a lot of potholes and failures trust me I’ve already done this don’t try this at home folks….. laugh out loud.

My goal for all this is to be healthier, to grow your own fruits and vegetables maybe even for some of you keeping small livestock and share what a learn and of course learn from you.

 I think growing your own food is an essential for a healthy lifestyle it’s nothing like going out picking something from their own garden or your own homestead 

 If you have children, there is no better way in which to teach but in a garden or homestead that’s just me saying that of course.

Well, we have covered a lot today and I’m just going to give you a head’s Up!

 I’m not just going to be talking about gardening we’re going to be talking about having your own backyard homesteads. and everything from D.Y.I. projects, healthy lifestyles and a healthy mindset’

 If this sounds like that thing that you’re interested in or maybe even one or two, please stick around make sure you leave comments.

 Lastly this is a brand-new interactive place to come to learn and talk about gardening, homesteading and healthy lifestyle. Even if you don’t leave Rural or in a small town.  I really look forward to talking to you guys sharing my adventures.

Until next time you guys keep ruling!

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Tamara Johnson

Discovery, learn and grow with me as my family and I make the transition from metro city living to rural small-town lifestyle. We will be sharing experiences, learning great tips for gardening, home decor, and making life simple, with a modern touch. Follow me as I discover our small town and all the gems we uncover.

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