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Just a reminder I am celebrating National Grilling Month. So we will be talking about grilling tips & tricks as well as some great recipes just for grilling. So now that we have gotten that all cleared up let’s get to it!

I don’t know about you, but here in Clearlake Ca. We have been having huge Triple-digit day 106 -110 crazy hot weather. During these days I really try to stay out of the kitchen when it comes to cooking. So one of my go-to options on a hot day is grilling. I little to get things done as early as possible that way I’m not standing over a hot grill.

Another great thing about grilling is that you can get more than one meal out of one day of grilling. Say your grilling chicken. to save on time you could make two kinds of chicken let’s say tangy chicken…. and lemon chicken…. you could use each in the main dish with a side, a salad, or sandwich. These are all warm-weather-friendly meal ideas that can help you bet the heat with grilling.

Rural Grilling Tip # 2 Use marinades and Dry rubs

Using marinades and dry rubs on your food can greatly enhance the flavor. The key is to apply marinades and dry rubs for a one-hour before you begin grilling. If using barbecue sauce, a good overnight soaking will really do the trick.

Grilling Recipe of the Day

Grilled Leeks With Romesco Sauce

Easy fun and fresh grilled leeks are a taste treat. easy to prepare and fun to eat the go well with beef chicken and pork dishes or great as a stand-alone appetizer.

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