Welcome back rulers,

First of all, I just want to say that I am so happy to be here and that all of my neighbors are safe. And so grateful to still have a home.

On August 2 2021 about 11 at night I go to let my little dog out for the final time. I follow him out and flash the flashlight around to make sure there is no bear wondering as they sometimes do at this hour. When I looked up, I see an orange glow. I know what that is that is fire on the hillside just beyond my home.

OMG!!!! I run into the house to get my boyfriend to confirm what I saw and called 911. Now I smell smoke 3 mins later our local fire dept shows up. lucky they are right down the street. So I began to knock on my neighbors’ doors and let them know we got a fire very close to all of us. Other folks got in their cars and motorcycles and drive around honking waking folks and letting them know it fire

My next thought is to get ready to go! I have the kids get the important things, get-ready-to-go bag ( quick set of clothes, etc), and the animals carriers.

We are no strangers to this. living in California wildfires are a part of life. As a matter of fact, this fire was just a few days shy of to the date of the Mendocino Complex Fire 4 years ago where we got trap in town and away from home. My boyfriend stays for 5 days at home in the evacuation zone with the fire just over the hill and no power. yeah CRAZY!

Before you knew our street was covered with fire trucks, police, Cal Fire, and about 45mins in a dozer showed up. WWWWWooooo HHHHHOOOOO Thank you Lake county Fire And Cal Fire they were all over it!. kept the fire to just a couple of acres, Thank god the wind was not blowing……

Fire on-site in front on my house!

The Aftermath

Well this is what thing looks like after the fire. We got the light end of it, over the will it look worse. I drive from this spot to my house and it took 54 secs to my driveway. 54 secs…………….

I will say it again we were very lucky!

This fire has awakened a new awareness about being more prepared not just for a fire. So with that being said Rural Preparedness in now a part of my Tiny Homestead life.

Until next time, Stay safe

Keep Ruling!

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Discovery, learn and grow with me as my family and I make the transition from metro city living to rural small-town lifestyle. We will be sharing experiences, learning great tips for gardening, home decor, and making life simple, with a modern touch. Follow me as I discover our small town and all the gems we uncover.

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